Membership FAQ

I forgot my password. How do I reset it?

Go to and click on “Lost your password.” This will send you an email from Be sure to check your spam folder, and search your inbox for keywords “Password Reset” in the subject line. 

I am getting a message saying “user already exists.” 

Follow the instructions above for obtaining your password using the email address you used in the membership sign-up.

Once you’ve reset your password, Log in at with your credentials. Click on the “Member Dashboard” which can be found under the “Join” menu bar. From there, you can click on “Renew My Membership.” You’ll be able to pick your appropriate member level.

Be sure to use the SAME email address on the sign-up / payment. You can also choose to check the box to automatically renew your membership at this stage. 

I am logged in and on the membership level, but I can’t seem to go forward.

You must click the yellow box with the level and amount to confirm your membership level. Please also be sure to use the SAME email address that you created your login with. If you are a returning member. If you are renewing, be sure to use the same email that you got your last membership receipt. 

I am a current member, I renewed in 2020 and my Membership ID is #######, but I can’t seem to log in.

AAJA no longer uses a Membership ID. The email address you use to sign up for membership  is how we identify your membership with us. Thus, we encourage you to use a personal email address so we may continue to support you throughout your lifetime even as your job or professional identity changes. 

If you signed up before January 2021, you will need to create a NEW password for yourself at Please use the SAME EMAIL address from your last membership email receipt; this will connect your previous membership. Once logged in, please click on your Member Dashboard to fill out your Member Profile in order to update us with your most current information. 

I don’t see my name on the Member Dashboard like I used to. Am I logged in?

If you were a previous member to AAJA, you will no longer see your name next to a gear. At this time, the only information on the Member Dashboard is your membership expiration date. Please note if you just renewed or joined, please allow our system 24 hours to update your membership expiration date.

Why is my “Membership End Date” blank on my Member Dashboard? 

If you just joined/renewed your membership, please wait about 24 hours for this to reflect on your Member Dashboard. If you processed a membership offline, please wait about 48 hours for our system to process. When you are renewing or starting a membership, we encourage you to check the box to automatically renew your membership annually, so your membership does not lapse. 

Note that Lifetime members will have no membership end date, but rest assured, you are current. 

Where did the Career Center go? 

If you are trying to access the Career Center, it has moved over to You will need to create a SEPARATE login and password to access the Career Center. Because it is a separate database from our membership, it is not connected to your membership profile. 

Can I get a refund for my membership? 

Membership Dues are non-refundable.  

I no longer want to auto-renew my membership annually. How do I change this setting? 

Forward your membership receipt to with “Cancel Auto-renew” in the subject line. Please refer to AAJA’s Membership Terms and Conditions.