Lily Chin

Picture: Lily Chin buries her son on her 62nd birthday.

This scholarship awards $1,500 to a student journalist for an insightful essay related to Vincent Chin’s life, death and legacy. Other selection criteria includes academic and journalistic achievement, financial need, commitment to journalism and a sensitivity to AAPI issues.

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About the Vincent Chin Memorial Scholarship

The brutal attack that killed Vincent Chin occurred late at night with few people around, but its reverberations spread across the country and have lasted for decades. Asian Americans came together to demand justice and found a common voice and purpose. Yet questions remain and justice goes undelivered.

This scholarship honors the legacy of Chin thanks to the generosity of Joe Grimm, a former newsroom recruiter and staff development editor for the Detroit Free Press.

About Joe Grimm

Embarrassed and shamed by the killing of Vincent Chin, Joe’s friendship with AAJA helped him decide to elevate a story he wanted to hide. Journalism teaches that it is only through learning, even when it is painful, that we can become better, more purposeful people.  

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