AAJA Invites Creators of Color to Represent! at #AAJA19, Featuring Screening and Panel with George Takei

ATLANTA, Ga. — The Asian American Journalists Association (AAJA) will host an all-day training event for creators of color on Aug. 3, 2019, to increase the representation of diverse storytellers and content-makers in entertainment and news media.

The event, “Represent!”, is a celebration of diversity, inclusion and emerging stories and storytellers. Leading media professionals of diverse backgrounds will host hands-on workshops and real-talk panel discussions with a focus on skills to help creators raise funding, build and expand their professional networks, and overcome barriers to bringing unique, untold stories to a broad audience.

Workshops will be geared toward creatives and creators of color, particularly ages 20 to 40, who are seeking to make their voices heard and create a media culture that is supportive of diverse voices. However, attendees of all backgrounds are welcome to attend.

“This is a crucial time in American culture. People of color are being represented in all forms of mainstream media like never before. We need to capture this moment and ensure that this progress continues,” said Willoughby Mariano, president of AAJA’s Atlanta chapter. “There’s no better place to do this than in Atlanta, the cradle of the civil rights movement, which has shown the world the power of nurturing the talents of those who may have otherwise been ignored. “

This is the first training event of its kind hosted by AAJA. Founded in 1981, AAJA is a professional nonprofit dedicated to increasing diversity in the news and media industry and ensuring fair and accurate representation of diverse communities, particularly Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, in the media.

“AAJA is dedicated to inclusion and diversifying all faces and voices represented in the news and mass media,” said Michelle Ye Hee Lee, AAJA’s national president. “We’re thrilled to bring our network of media professionals to Atlanta — a vibrant city brimming with creativity, passion and diversity — for this unique opportunity to improve representation of all communities of color.”

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