AAJA affinity groups are specialized groups of AAJA members organized by vocation and/or interest, each led by a director or co-director. They strive to recruit new members and identify and pursue training and networking opportunities that meet members’ evolving and unique needs, as well as connect current AAJA members regardless of geography or career level. Current, dues-paying AAJA members are welcome to join affinity groups. All currently active AAJA affinity groups are listed here. To join or find out more about an affinity group, reach out to the group’s director.

For general questions about affinity groups, please contact AAJA Senior Vice President Nicole Dungca.




AAJA Enterprise

AAJA Freelance

AAJA Features Forum

AAJA Photojournalists
AAJA News Nerds

AAJA Radio & Podcasting

AAJA Small Market Broadcast Journalists

AAJA Sports Task Force

AAJA Video

AAJA Women and Non-Binary Voices

AAJA Young Professionals Network (Yung AAJA)

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