AAJA affinity groups are specialized groups of AAJA members organized by vocation and/or interest, each led by a director or co-director. They strive to recruit new members and identify and pursue training and networking opportunities that meet members’ evolving and unique needs, as well as connect current AAJA members regardless of geography or career level. 

Affinity Group Renewal and Proposals 2023

Affinity groups: apply to renew or start a new affinity group by November 15, 2022! AAJA is currently taking applications through the Google Form below. If you have any questions, please email svp@aaja.org.

Current, dues-paying AAJA members are welcome to join affinity groups. All currently active AAJA affinity groups are listed here.

To join or find out more about an affinity group, reach out to the group’s director.

For general questions about affinity groups, please contact AAJA Senior Vice President Nicole Dungca.


AAJA Enterprise is a peer-based resource and inspiration center for journalists looking at, sourcing for and vetting story ideas you won’t find on a press release or government meeting agenda. From impactful accountability projects to quirky trend pieces, we’ll obsess over how to get the story.


More and more journalists are becoming freelancers as full-time staff jobs dwindle. The goal of AAJA Freelance is to support the growing number of AAJA members who are freelancers or are considering a move to freelancing. That includes understanding the business side of freelancing, becoming an entrepreneur, networking and connecting with editors and publications, among other issues.



AAJA Features Forum aims to create a platform for features, arts, entertainment and lifestyles journalists where they can share ideas as well as support and inspire each other. We want to foster creative storytelling and innovation across multiple platforms with programming and services that can help our members stay at the forefront of the industry.


AAJA LGbtqia+
AAJA LGBTQIA+ (aka AAJA-gay), the affinity group, aims to be a welcoming and uplifting space for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, asexual, and other gender non-conforming members of the organization to take pride in their identities. We aim to provide a space for our members to have conversations about navigating the journalism industry and allow them to uplift one another’s work and accomplishments. AAJA LGBTQIA+ is excited to host a variety of events ranging from member hangouts to panel discussions, where programming centers LGBTQIA+ identified members of AAJA. Our mission is to expand in both size, scope, and inclusivity so that we can be a beacon for LGBTQIA+ folks and allies in the journalism community.

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The mission of AAJA Photojournalists is to provide a representation for AAJA photojournalists at the national level; to strengthen AAJA photojournalism programming, photo studio fundraising, networking opportunities, and photograph exposure during convention; and to provide regular updates to the AAJA national board for an improved communication channel.

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The mission of AAJA’s News Nerds is to bridge the gap between tech and the newsroom, by enhanced traditional storytelling methods through new data and technology, which is becoming more critical as the news industry continues changing rapidly. Its members consist of professionals who are data reporters, news developers, designers, audience engagement specialists and graphics reporters.



AAJA Radio and Podcasting will be a resource to all AAJA members. We will serve as a technical, critical and employment resource for our fellow radio broadcasters, online audio broadcasters and students. We will also serve as a resource for all TV, print and digital members.

Radio is growing. Podcasting is growing faster. More online and TV journalists are doing podcasts, radio interviews or filing for local radio stations. Whether it is Politico reporters on WTOP Radio in Washington, D.C. or WJBF-TV reporters filing for WGAC Radio in Augusta, Georgia. Those of us putting together podcasts are bringing the kind of journalism that is not always heard on the radio. We as audio producers and broadcasters have something to offer every member of AAJA.


The AAJA Small Market Broadcast Journalists (AASMBJ) is a group for small market and entry level broadcast journalists in the Asian American Journalists Association. The group provides networking opportunities and an online support system for AAJA members who are working at small market television stations or at midsize and large market stations as entry-level production assistants and desk assistants.

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The Sports Task Force (STF) aims to elevate the voice of Asian Americans in sports media across multiple platforms and encourage future Asian American sports media professionals through mentorship, educational offerings and scholarship opportunities.

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AAJA Video aims to create a community of resources and support to AAJA members who are interested in the field of video journalism including documentary filmmaking, video production and motion graphics. The group will be a platform for information sharing, technical help, work showcase and mentorship. Journalists who want to collaborate with video journalists are also welcome to join.


AAJA Women & Non-Binary Voices is an inclusive support group for women, non-binary and other gender non-conforming AAJA members to promote a plurality of Asian voices. We also welcome non-feminine identifying allies to join and show their support for their colleagues.

This group will provide a network of supporters and mentors for our members, who can share their intersectional experiences and help each other navigate different workplace situations. We envision this to be a space where members can build each other up as well as discuss any work-related challenges they may be facing—whether it’s salary negotiation, a career switch, safe reporting procedures, workplace microaggressions or harassment and discrimination of any sort.

The idea for this group was born in light of the #MeToo movement. While the movement has publicly illuminated many safety issues for women in the workplace, we acknowledge that these challenges, along with many others mentioned above, continue for many people who experience misogyny, and are made more complex by the diversity in our identities. In creating this space, we acknowledge the nuances of such challenges and aim to provide support for our members accordingly.

Contact: aaja.womennb@gmail.com


AAJA Young Professionals Network (Yung AAJA) is the place for early career and student journalists. The community centers around skill development, mentorship and helping others find work. We also encourage posting of jobs, internships, fellowships and scholarships.

This will be a space specifically for young journalists, but we welcome the presence of older and more experienced journalists. Mentorship starts here: Yung AAJA will be the network to help point the next generation of journalists in the right direction.