We’re revamping the way we do awards — join the 2021 Awards Committee

Every few years, we aim to reflect on how we serve our community and what we wish to celebrate together. That’s why we’re forming an Awards Committee to evaluate and update how we do awards, from what to honor, how we select, and how we celebrate. 

Committee members will be responsible for:

      • Determining the set of awards that AAJA bestows under the guidance of the National Board’s Awards Guiding Principles (to be developed).
      • Evaluating the awards timeline, eligibility, and judging standards for awarding — and recommending a best practice moving forward.
      • Serving as judges for this year’s awards and recommending a selection/recruitment process for next year’s judges to the board

We will be selecting 7-12 members for this inaugural committee that reflect the regional variation and industry diversity within AAJA (photojournalism, broadcast, written, etc).

We estimate a time commitment of ~20 hours/month including committee meetings, self-motivated research, and judging.

We’re seeking individuals with:

  • Demonstrable leadership within the AAJA community
  • 7+ years in journalism, or its equivalent
  • Some experience with journalism awards processes

This Committee falls under the guidance/oversight of AAJA National Board VP Communications. Committee members will be gifted a full registration to AAJA’s 2021 Convention in gratitude for their service. 

Apply to be on the Awards Committee

Deadline: February 5, 2021

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