We’re recruiting for AAJA’s 40th Anniversary Committee

Help us honor and celebrate the 40-year journey of AAJA.

As we look to the future, we embark on an anniversary project that honors our shared history and the role of our members in diversifying journalism and reinforce our mission by amplifying the work of AAJA through the years. More importantly, the work will center on why AAJA’s work and mission is just as crucial today and into the next forty years.

In the last 40 years, AAJA has experienced growth as an organization composed of over 1,700 members, thousands of program and scholarship alumni, and 30+ chapters and affinity groups, in the United States and Asia. To honor the generations that came before us, while celebrating the present and laying a pathway for the generations to come, we’re forming a 40th Anniversary Committee to undertake various related projects, including but not limited to the following:

      1. AAJA Inaugural Hall of Fame – establishing and developing an Inaugural Hall of Fame to recognize AAJA pioneers, trailblazers, and builders.
      2. AAJA 40th Year Oral History Project – researching, documenting, and producing short pieces on key moments in AAJA and AAPI history and the pioneering work and roles of AAJA members.
      3. Fundraise and build community momentum around the 40th Anniversary.

Join us in this opportunity to celebrate AAJA family, amplify AAJA’s membership and mission, and pave the way for the next forty years and future generations of AAPI journalists and storytellers.

We’re looking for committee members who are interested in at least one of the projects related above, and who can bring not only the right skill sets (including research, production, graphic design, social media, fundraising), but a passion and enthusiasm for uplifting the rich history of AAPI leadership in journalism and fostering intergenerational dialogue and collaboration.

Please consider contributing your time, treasure and talent to AAJA’s 40th anniversary celebration projects. Committee members will be gifted a full registration to AAJA’s 2021 Convention in gratitude for their service — and will be listed on our 40th anniversary website and programming.

If you are interested in contributing to the 40th Anniversary projects but are unable to do so in an official capacity, please email jessicax@aaja.org

Apply to be a part of the 40th Anniversary Committee

We’re accepting interested volunteers on a rolling basis.

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