AAJA Seeks Candidates for Revamped MediaWatch Committee

AAJA is seeking candidates to join its newly revamped MediaWatch committee. MediaWatch holds news organizations accountable to standards of accuracy and fairness in covering Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders and AAPI issues. The volunteer-based committee also gets out in front of issues, encouraging good journalism as well as sharing best practices.


MediaWatch has long served as a resource to media companies and the AAPI community. Our work is more important than ever amid the coronavirus pandemic. Already we have seen attacks against Asian American journalists as well as inaccurate coverage, especially when the virus was first emerging out of China. We have pushed hard for everyone to do better, issuing statements against faulty reporting when we see it and supporting journalists who are getting it right.


We would like to build on that good work and recruit members who can respond quickly and thoughtfully to controversies when they emerge, whether it means taking action or standing down, and knowing the difference between both. The ideal candidate should have a strong grounding in journalism and understand the role that we play as advocates of fair and accurate coverage. We want healthy engagement among our committee members so that issues get a thorough vetting and timely response.


These are unpaid positions. If you are interested in joining MediaWatch, please send a bio and brief statement on why you would like to serve to MediaWatch co-chairs Pia Sarkar and CeFaan Kim by June 12, 2020.

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