AAJA Mentor Match Announces Search for New Co-Leads

The Asian American Journalists Association is looking for up to two volunteer co-leads to serve at least one year (ideally two years) on the board of Mentor Match.

Mentor Match is a year-long mentoring program that pairs AAJA members together across the US and AAJA’s growing Asia chapter. At least one co-director position is sought specifically to represent the Asia region. 

The Mentor Match program takes applications for both mentors and mentees and facilitates the partnership for 12 months. Participants are offered training and resources for both mentors and mentees through virtual conference calls. 

The Mentor Match program has been part of AAJA nationally for decades and went through a revamp in 2018 that streamlined the application process and participation down to a one-year commitment. 

Co-leads are responsible for the vision of Mentor Match within AAJA, working with AAJA’s national staff on communicating logistics and facilitating applications and identifying potential partnerships and opportunities for the program. 

The role of a co-lead for Mentor Match is an opportunity to help nurture and support the next generation of AAJA journalists while building up the talent pipeline for diversity and inclusion in news organizations. You would be joining an existing team of committed mentor advocates with years of experience in leading journalism development initiatives.   

Co-leads ideally should have previous experience in mentoring and encouraging others to be involved in mentoring, either as a mentor or a mentee. Co-leads must be AAJA members. 

By the numbers: Since 2018, there have been nearly 200 mentor-mentee matches in the 2018 cohort, 93 mentor-mentee matches in 2019, a hiatus in 2020 due to the pandemic disruption and 17 mentor-mentee matches in 2021.  

Questions? Please ask current co-directors Ruth Liao and Kenichi Serino or email aajamentorship@gmail.com

Candidates should reach out to aajamentorship@gmail.com expressing interest no later than November 10.

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