AAJA Announces 2023-2024 Elections Results

The Asian American Journalists Association is proud to announce the 2022 election results for 2023-2024 officers:

President: Nicole Dungca

Vice President of Finance: Jin K. Ding 

Vice President of Civic Engagement: Marian C. Liu 

We can’t wait to see how Nicole Dungca and Jin K. Ding bring their past board experiences to these positions. Currently, Dungca serves as Senior Vice President and Ding serves as Vice President of Finance, as well as Convention Co-Chair. 

We’re excited to welcome Marian C. Liu to the board. Liu served as secretary of AAJA San Francisco/Bay Area chapter from 2004 to 2007, and is a former director of our VOICES program. 

Outgoing President Michelle Ye Hee Lee and outgoing Vice President of Civic Engagement Julia B. Chan will depart from their roles at the end of the year. Lee spent a decade on the board, including four years as president. Read a portion from her closing speech at #AAJA22. 

About AAJA’s Elections: 

Every year, AAJA holds membership-wide elections for national officers who will serve on the AAJA Board of Directors. The elections are staggered to ensure continuity on the AAJA Board of Directors. In odd years, the positions eligible for elections are Senior Vice President, Vice President of Journalism Programs and Vice President of Communications. In even years, the positions eligible for elections are President, Vice President of Finance and Vice President of Civic Engagement.

AAJA’s elections are rooted in the following core principles: dedication to AAJA’s mission, transparency, respect, empathy, open and constructive debate and the pursuit of organizational and financial stability of AAJA as a nonprofit. For more about AAJA’s elections, please visit www.aaja.org/elections and read our AAJA National Officer Elections Guide, which incorporates updated practices and standards governing AAJA’s elections. This guide was approved by non-candidate members of the Board of Directors in July of 2021. For matters not addressed in this guide, please consult AAJA’s bylaws.

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