AAJA SVP Special Election 2022-2023: Results Announced

The Asian American Journalists Association is proud to announce the elected 2022-2023 Senior Vice President. Frank Bi will serve as Senior Vice President for the remainder of the 2022-2023 term. Learn more about his vision for the role here.

The senior vice president shall oversee directors of platforms and affinity groups, to ensure direct representation of members. The senior vice president’s duties include identifying and pursuing opportunities for chapter development. The senior vice president serves as acting president in the event the president is unable to fulfill their duties.

Frank joins the following members currently on our board:

  • Michelle Ye Hee Lee, President
  • Nicole Dungca, Current Senior Vice President, Incoming President
  • Kris Vera-Phillips, Vice President of Journalism Programs
  • Julia B. Chan, Vice President of Civic Engagement 
  • Marian C. Liu, Incoming Vice President of Civic Engagement 
  • Jin Ding, Vice President of Finance
  • Shirley Qiu, Vice President of Communications 
  • Julia M. Chan, Small/Medium Chapter Representative 
  • Anika Varty, Small/Medium Chapter Representative
  • Moriah Balingit, Large Chapter Representative
  • Benjamin Pu, At-Large Chapter Representative 
  • Aric Johnson, At-Large Chapter Representative
About AAJA’s Elections

AAJA’s elections are rooted in the following core principles: dedication to AAJA’s mission, transparency, respect, empathy, open and constructive debate and the pursuit of organizational and financial stability of AAJA as a nonprofit. For more about AAJA’s elections, please visit www.aaja.org/elections and read our AAJA National Officer Elections Guide, which incorporates updated practices and standards governing AAJA’s elections. This guide was approved by non-candidate members of the Board of Directors in July of 2021. For matters not addressed in this guide, please consult AAJA’s bylaws

To learn more, visit www.aaja.org/elections. You may also contact Shirley Qiu, Board Elections Officer and Vice President of Communications at vpcomms@aaja.org with any concerns.

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