AAJA Launches Sister Chapters Program to Strengthen Local Chapter Collaboration

Every time AAJA chapter leaders come together at national advisory board meetings, we try to learn from each other, swap best practices and discuss shared challenges. More often than not, we realize we have so much to learn from one another.

This year, we’re making a concerted effort to increase communication and collaboration between chapters through the AAJA Sister Chapters Program. The goal is to strengthen local chapters, share best practices and grow our membership. 

We will regularly ask each other: What is your chapter’s most pressing challenge? What is success and how can we help?

The Sister Chapters were selected based on geography and chapter size. Chapters that are near each other can partner on events and fundraising efforts, while chapters that vary in size can learn from one another, especially when it comes developing a leadership pipeline and engaging existing, lapsed and potential members. 

Here are the chapter partnerships:

  • Arizona + Seattle + Texas + Asia + Hawai’i
  • Florida + Atlanta + New York + San Francisco Bay Area
  • San Diego + Sacramento + Portland + At-Large (No Chapter)
  • Philadelphia + Washington, D.C. + North Carolina + New England
  • Chicago + Michigan + Minnesota + Los Angeles

Local matters, and we’re excited to leverage our community to lift all of our chapters.

If you have any questions, please email AAJA Senior Vice President Michelle Lee at myhlee5@gmail.com.


— Nicole Dungca, Lauren Hardie, Michelle Lee, Willoughby Mariano, Kris Vera-Phillips and Grace Wong 

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