Call for 2019 Affinity Group Applications

We invite you to apply as an AAJA Affinity Group dedicated to specific career interests or focus areas. Applications are now open and are due Monday, Dec. 16.


An Affinity Group is a group of AAJA members organized by vocation and/or interest. They are led by a director or co-directors, who report to the senior vice president. They connect AAJA members regardless of geography or career level, and strive to recruit new members to AAJA. Their participation and input will guide AAJA’s local and national programming.


The purpose of an Affinity Group is to identify and pursue training and networking opportunities that meet the evolving and unique needs of its members. Affinity Groups also contribute to AAJA fundraising and convention programming.


Application requirements:

– Group name

– Director(s)

– Vision statement

– One session or workshop idea that could be incorporated into the 2019 convention that would help members of your group

– Names of at least 50 members whose AAJA memberships are current


* Please review the Affinity Group guidelines before applying:, and find out more about current affinity groups on our website


Fill out the online application here. 


Deadline: December 16, 2019 at 5pm PST


Any questions? Email AAJA Senior Vice President Nicole Dungca and/or Daniel Garcia at the National Office.

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