AAJA Announces Launch of 2023 Scholarships, Internships and Fellowships

Apply for internship, scholarship and fellowship opportunities

We’re excited to officially launch the AAJA’s scholarships, internships and fellowships for 2023 today! To view all opportunities for internships, scholarships and fellowships, please visit our scholarships and internships page and read through carefully. Please ensure that you meet the individual opportunity’s criteria.

We are currently accepting applications for the following scholarships: 

Due by January 15, 2023:

Due by January 30, 2023

Due by February 28, 2023

Due by March 30, 2023:

Due by April 1, 2023 and October 1, 2023:

Most applications in this round are due by January 30, 2023 at 11:59 p.m. PT, but please check each individual opportunity for its exact deadline. 

The scholarships and internships page will be updated as other opportunities become available. Stay tuned and continue to look out for further opportunities in the coming months and new year, including additional internships administered by AAJA’s Sports Task Force, next year’s Yahoo! Multimedia Journalism Fellowship and more. 

We’re excited to see your work and award outstanding young journalists through these opportunities! If you have any questions, reach out to support@aaja.org


AAJA annually offers up to $20,000 in scholarships and grants to journalism students to help offset the costs of education, internships, living expenses and other opportunities. These scholarships are made possible by supporters such as AAJA members, allies and generous donors. 

Thank you to the following organizations and individuals for making AAJA scholarship opportunities possible. If you’d like to support AAJA scholarships, consider making a donation here.

    • Jennifer Azlant
    • Sewell Chan
    • Terence Chea
    • Amy Chen
    • Mae M. Cheng
    • Allen Cheng
    • Cynthia Chennault
    • Sei Chong
    • Judy Chu Lin
    • Linda Coburn
    • Hannah Denham
    • Elizabeth Dierenfield
    • Beth Erikson
    • Katharine Fong
    • Keerati Giratikanon
    • Vindu Goel
    • Joe Grimm
    • Tran Ha
    • Nancy Han
    • Cynthia Ho
    • Tuyen Hoang
    • Rosa Kim
  • Michael Kim
  • Roger Kuo
  • James Kwasnik
  • Lloyd LaCuesta
  • Nora Lyons
  • Regina Mack
  • Bhart Manwani
  • Elizabeth Roberts
  • Dorothy Russell
  • Matthew Russell
  • Benjamin Seto
  • Martha Shirk
  • April Siruno
  • Hannah Tellambura
  • Enoch Tong
  • Michael Vance
  • Ani Vrabel
  • Esther F. Wu
  • Allie Yang
  • Don Yee
  • Al Young
    • ABC News
    • The Council for International Cooperation
    • ESPN / Disney
    • NBC News
    • White House Correspondents Association
    • Yahoo! 
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